Content marketing might sound easy but it’s actually a complex field with a lot of moving parts. There are a hundred different traps waiting for even the most experienced marketeers.

If you do find yourself struggling to overcome a pain point, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it. Take a breath, troubleshoot methodically and find a way to correct the error.

Identifying what’s holding you back

The first step is to swallow your pride and admit you have a problem. Once you’ve managed that you should try running through the list below to see which could be holding your business back.

Do you know your audience?

We all like to think we know what our customers want and how they think, but when was the last time you really invested any time into studying them?

In the digital age trends come and go very quickly, if you haven’t done any work to update your customer profiles in the last twelve months you should seriously consider it.

The simplest way to achieve this is to ask them directly. Conduct a survey as part of a giveaway competition and write probing questions that get to the heart of what your customers are interested in and why.

If you phrase your questions well you can gain invaluable insight quickly and at very little cost.

Is the presentation of your content appealing to your audience?

If you’re struggling to pique potential customers’ interest with your content, it’s often more to do with presentation than the subject itself.

One way to diagnose this issue is to run a series of split tests across the same article with variations on elements like imagery, titles and formatting. You might find your written content is absolutely on the money but the visual elements you’ve been using are letting it down.

With such a glut of content presented to every modern user’s eye these days you do need to make sure your articles look as good as they read.

Have you selected the right keywords?

Keywords can be the bane of a content writer’s life. You know you have to fit them in, but they never seem to sit naturally within the article’s subject matter.

But if you’re finding it difficult to marry your keywords with your content, there’s a good chance it’s because you haven’t picked the right ones. Maybe you were seduced by the large monthly search volume numbers, or low competition scores; whatever it was, it might be worth going back to the drawing board.

The keywords you want to mention most often and most meaningfully ought to exist happily in all of your blog content.

Is your content ‘SEO-friendly’ enough?

In general Google’s algorithms are built to reward high quality content with top rankings, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that every fantastic article is highly ranked for its relevant keywords. There are a few box-ticking exercises every good SEO-focused content writer should perform to give the content every chance of success.

inflo.Ai has an integrated tool to ensure the highest SEO standards are met before an article is published, giving you the confidence that your hard work won’t be undermined on a technicality.

Pushing through

Whatever you discover is holding you back, it’s important to appreciate that it’s perfectly normal to experience a bumpy road on the way to the top. With content marketing you should be prepared for the long game. In congested industries it can take years to even make an impression on Google’s top spots. Your innovation and creativity will be rewarded, but only if they’re accompanied by steely determination and perseverance.